Prevent falls, make objective decisions.

Falls in an institution, a common problem.

Falls occur frequently in hospitals and nursing homes. 30 to 70% of the inhabitants fall at least once a year and 15 to 40% twice or more per year.

ISA détection de chutes

ISA, the assistant in case of falls

Based on a 3D sensor, ISA allows a fine analysis of patient behavior through motion tracking algorithms, while protecting the privacy of individuals.
Autonomous and non-intrusive, ISA has the embedded intelligence needed to detect all types of falls and adapt to the configuration of the room. ISA was designed to lighten the work of carers while improving the quality of care services.
ISA is a technology that can be easily deployed in hospitals and nursing homes.
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Fall detection

Detection of both high-impact and low-impact falls, near falls or instances of the body just slipping down from the side of the bed.

Monitoring and alerts

Patient monitoring and alert configuration using a touch screen.

Suivi du patient agé hopital

Patient follow-up

Fall risk evaluation and keeping a fall register.

Recherche et développement détection de chutes

Research and development

Constant evolution of system ergonomics and functionalities.

Détection de chutes Hélisende

“In short, I can recommend this system 300%.”

“This system detects our residents’ falls and sends us alerts in real time which enables us to intervene very quickly.”

E., a head nurse, Ehpad Helisend, Rozoy-sur-serre

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Test the ISA functionalities

In order to test the fall detector’s various functionalities, we invite you to visit our laboratory in Brussels.
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Is it possible to prevent elderly people from falling in care institutions? It certainly is! Compile a checklist of things to do before patients leave the room.

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MintT is offering a series of tools that you can download to prevent falls and train carers, as well as some documents on the fall detector.