Advantages of ISA for Managers

In each establishment where the ISA system is installed, there is an improvement in the quality of life of nursing staff as well as patients or residents.

Avantages de la détection des chutes pour les professionnels de la santé

Managers have an essential place in the mitigation of falls, in particular helping to avoid the burnout of medical personnel.

It is important that all employees, residents, family members, volunteers, etc. be involved in the development, implementation and integration of an effective and efficient fall and fracture prevention policy.

Caregivers have a greater sense of control over their work with accurate information about patient behavior in the room.

An assured, plannable, and controllable profitability

Saving time and efficiency for the nursing staff also translates into economic terms. The time spent after a fall on patient support and care, rehabilitation, psychological support, and administrative processing are significantly reduced.

We work with all stakeholders to facilitate the symbiosis between people and technology with full control of your budget. Each institution is different, which is why we attach so much importance to supporting and optimizing expenses related to falls.

Avantages de la détection des chutes pour les professionnels de la santé
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A fall detection solution adapted to demand

We analyze with you the optimum number of sensors to install according to the profiles of your residents and the objectives you have set for yourself.

The flexibility of the ISA system allows you to manage the number of active sensors according to the needs of your institution. Your budget is thus under control and can be adjusted as needed.

Start by equipping the most vulnerable people

The 3D sensors are easily movable. It is therefore not essential to install sensors in all rooms.

Invoice an additional service

In some cases, it is possible to offer an additional service to residents who so wish. The price / performance ratio and the added value for them and their families are then apparent.

Stand out with quality service

The increase in the quality of life and the safety of the residents, as well as for the nursing staff, leads to a decrease in the vacancy of beds, the maintenance of the residents’ and a reduction of the stress of the nursing staff, particularly the nursing staff at night.

Better communication with families

L’ensemble des facteurs de risque perçus ou envisagés étant mis en lumière par ISA, il devient possible de prioriser les mesures à prendre en fonction de ce qui a été vu.

As all the perceived or envisaged risk factors are highlighted by ISA, it becomes possible to prioritize the measures to be taken based on what has been seen.

This reassures families and often creates a real partnership between the patient, the family, and the caregivers to formulate recommendations based on tangible elements.

Rassurez les familles quant au bien-être de leurs proches au sein de votre institution

« What convinced us was the reassuring aspect for the resident, especially when they are alone in their room rather than in a community, since we no longer had a view of what was going on. »

Stéphanie CrucqDirector of the Residence La Rose in Anderlecht
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Recordings 2 minutes before and after falls

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Monitoring and management of patients / residents

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Falls prevention policy

Strengthening the quality of life of people at risk of falling improves the well-being of healthcare teams at work and reassures families.

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