Advantages of ISA for IT & Infrastructure Services

MintT’s 100% IoT architecture guarantees quick and easy deployment, without a local server, under the control of the internal IT team and in compliance with institutional security standards.

Avantages de la détection des chutes pour les professionnels de la santé

Deploying ISA is done with the IT and infrastructure team of the institutions that choose our solution. MintT then facilitates the work of internal teams with a perfectly documented solution.

In addition, the ISA solution is adaptable and flexible: it works with the available infrastructures. ISA can be connected in many ways, including WIFI, a local Ethernet LAN network, with or without PoE but also in 4G. Equipping a full hospital ward or nursing home wing can be done in hours, while fitting out a new room or moving a sensor takes minutes.

Easily movable secure sensors

ISA is based on sensors that are very small, light, and elegant at the same time. These sensors can be moved from one room to another very easily, so that it is not necessary to equip all the rooms immediately.

The sensor generates anonymous 3D data which it processes live on its own microprocessor. Via an API and the secure network, the sensor communicates with its server and caregivers using advanced security protocols.

In the event of a fall only, caregivers have the option of consulting the 3D visual sequence a posteriori, in particular for analysis purposes.

Téléchargez des informations et outils pratiques à propos de la prévention, la gestion et la prise en charge des chutes de personnes âgées ou souffrantes
Suivi du patient agé hopital

A secure solution hosted in the cloud

From day one, MintT chose to host ISA in the cloud to ensure its interoperability, maintenance, and ease of installation.

Thus, ISA can easily connect to other complementary information systems (connected bracelets, care records, etc.) in order to improve the overall specificity of patient monitoring tools and to save teams considerable time.

Complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Users, caregivers, residents, patients, and visitors are fully informed about the nature of the data, its use, and the length of time it is kept.

Everyone’s privacy is fully respected

The sensors do not make it possible to identify anyone and only the data necessary for the proper maintenance of the register of falls are kept.

The issue of privacy, both for individuals and for the healthcare team, is particularly important to us. We did an exhaustive analysis of the privacy issue with a specialized law firm.

The ISA system is not there to monitor everyone’s work, it is part of a quality process. This approach must take into account the analysis of errors, without stigmatizing people.

Des interventions plus rapides rassurent les familles quant au bien-être de leurs proches au sein de votre institution

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