Advantages of ISA for Nurses and Caregivers

While the ISA system does not prevent patients from falling, it helps caregivers do their jobs more calmly and efficiently.

Monitoring and alerting in the event of a fall relieves caregivers and reduces their mental burden.

Avantages de la détection des chutes pour les professionnels de la santé

Every day, our fall detection system helps many healthcare teams save precious time for the patient by acting more efficiently.

When the sensor detects a fall, an alarm is triggered on the nurse’s DECT, reducing the response time from 2 to 4 minutes on average.

The ISA system then retrieves the images of the fall in the sensor. It then becomes possible to contextualize it, to understand it better and therefore to orient more specifically the care of each resident.

Regain confidence and feel supported

The workload and emotional impact of falls contribute to burnout for nursing staff. Implementing a system like ISA then makes it possible to act faster (thanks to the alert system) and more efficiently (thanks to the information captured) ultimately to mitigate the consequences of falls.

For caregivers, the first benefit of working with a fall detection system like ISA is to regain a sense of control, benefiting from unique opportunity to learn about the causes and consequences of falls. It therefore also has a reassuring or supporting impact, both for patients and for nursing staff.

Avantages de la détection des chutes pour les professionnels de la santé
Découvrez les avantages d’un détecteur de chutes

Prevention is better than cure

This saying also applies to falls in the elderly. The prevention of falls is a transversal practice, which must involve the entire healthcare team, from the nurse to the ergotherapist, including the quality control manager.

Exploiting and analyzing the recordings of the fall register makes it possible to anticipate the risks.

The act of falling can be related to the physical capacities of the person but can also be due to external elements which disturb the elderly person. For example, leaning on a poorly fixed piece of furniture, improper use of walking aids, an off-balance dressing technique, etc.

Consulting the recorded actions from 2 minutes before to 2 minutes after each fall allows nurses to prevent them from recurring.

« This system detects the falls of our residents and alerts us in real time. Receiving alerts on the DECT makes it easier to use and allows us to intervene very quickly. »

Head of Nursing at EHPAD Helisende in France
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