Real-time detection and warning system in the event of a fall

Autonomous and non-intrusive, ISA has the intelligence to detect all types of falls and give alerts in real time.

The time that the person spends on the ground is then significantly reduced.

Reportage TV RTL info sur la détection des chutes avec MinT

ISA was designed to lighten the workload of caregivers and improve the quality of care services. It is in this sense that our fall detection system ensures patient safety and the peace of mind of caregivers.

Already deployed in several hospitals and nursing homes, ISA is an autonomous technology, but supervised by professionals to guarantee the best possible service.

Reduce the time spent on the ground to limit the consequences in the event of a fall

At the system level, the detection is done in several stages from each sensor analyzing the behaviors in real time:

  1. If there is a fall hypothesis, the images are sent to artificial intelligence for analysis.
  2. If there is any doubt about the fall, then the image is relayed to our moderation team.
  3. Finally, the alert is transmitted to the nursing staff, when the system is completely sure that it is a fall.

After installation and calibration of the system, everything is automatic and takes place in a few seconds. Just pick up the service phone to find out in which room the fall occurred.

Démonstration de notre détecteur de chutes basé sur l'intelligence artificielle
prévention des chutes

Monitoring of patients or residents to anticipate the risk of falls

The information processed by ISA makes it possible to better identify the risks of falls and to analyze incidents.

Through the analysis of the fall, caregivers understand the precise circumstances of the event. This invaluable help to nursing staff significantly improves the care of patients or residents.

ISA has two alarm levels: one for the fall and one for the risk of falling. Since the alert is given in real time, it is possible to intervene much more quickly in order to reduce the time spent on the ground.

The system can be used on a touchscreen and mobile app, or even integrated with existing systems (DECT, DCI). All allow you to manage the different patients and alerts.

An increasingly intelligent fall detection system

In 2020, more than 1,200 falls were detected in hospitals or nursing homes and thanks to ISA, each alert was taken care of in less than a minute.

MintT has a constant research and development program. The development of new features, the improvement of its ergonomics or the use of artificial intelligence make it possible to offer updates to the device regularly.

MintT est une Start-up innovante spécialisée dans les soins de santé des personnes âgées

Discover the advantages of a fall detector

Reduce the mental burden on caregivers

The goal of our fall detection system is to ensure patient safety by limiting professional burnout.

Improve the service of your institution

Autonomous and non-intrusive, this fall detection system can both reduce response times and analyze the context when an incident occurs.

Reassure patients / residents and their families

The vigilance of ISA sensors and the ability to analyze each fall can reassure families about the well-being of their loved ones.

Reduce time spent on the ground

Healthcare staff are notified in real time to reduce how long it takes to react and intervene

Analyze the causes of falls

The recordings 2 minutes before and after the fall provide tangible elements for analysis

Improve the quality of service

More information to promote the well-being of the elderly and caregivers

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Health professionals testify: Quality of care and better aging are at the heart of MintT's values, in all aspects of our fall detection solution.

Need more information ?

Our advisors can tell you everything about the operation, how to use it, or anything else about our fall detection solution.