Advantages of ISA for Physicians

Using recorded fall sequences as a source of tangible information makes it easier for the doctor to provide precise data on the progress of patients.

Avantages de la détection des chutes pour les professionnels de la santé

In geriatrics, falls can have catastrophic physical and psychological consequences which, in many cases, make the elderly dependent.

It is in this sense that a fall prevention policy can have an impact on their autonomy: it reduces pain, as well as the fear of falling.

The analysis of the sequences produced by ISA makes it possible to propose solutions, both for care plans and for the adaptation of treatments.

Understand the pathology of your patient better

As old age is a time in life when pathologies accumulate, the number of simultaneous treatments increases in the same way. One of the main questions for the doctor is therefore to know if this pharmacopoeia is not likely to become counterproductive and ultimately to have a negative impact on the well-being of the person.

Medications sometimes have a significant impact on patients’ alertness, walking, or balance. It is therefore essential to check the adequacy of the treatment regularly. If there are checklists like START / STOP, direct observation of the patient’s clinic is essential.

Some clinical signs set in over time, and it may not be easy to detect them early.

Avantages de la détection des chutes pour les professionnels de la santé

How does fall detection complement the doctor's job?

Thanks to the images recorded from 2 minutes before to 2 minutes after the falls, doctors can understand the circumstances to adapt the medication or personalize the management of the person.

Other professionals may be involved in the medical examination, such as a physiotherapist, a social worker, or a dietitian.

The fact that all these health professionals have their own approach to the problem of the elderly who has fallen helps to research risk factors.

« A motion sensor is not going to replace a nurse, but in the context of improving care, it helps highlight certain risky behaviors to detect a fall, which helps the nurse to do the job. »

Dr Jean-Claude LemperChief Physician at the Scheutbos Geriatric Center of Silva Medical in Brussels
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