23 January 2020

Accreditation – why is ISA relevant?

ISA is a useful tool when a hospital applies for accreditation. During our product installations and discussions with hospital quality managers, we have been able to form an opinion about…
valdetectie BlogManagerMDNurse
17 December 2019

How do you practise getting up on your own after a fall?

Elderly people are among those who run a higher risk of falling, whether at home, in hospital or in a nursing home. In order to know how to react when…
KUL BlogManagerMDNurse
17 December 2019

An intelligent solution for effective, high-quality geriatric care

What is the added value of a fall detection system? How does the ISA system (Intelligent Sensing for Ageing) enable nursing homes and hospitals to stand out? KU Leuven’s Faculty…
17 December 2019

The fall detector – a tool to help manage the quality of hospital care

Hospital accreditation is not always a simple process. Installing a fall detector allows hospitals to comply with certain JCI standards (Joint Commission International). Concerned about the quality of care they…
ISA booklet BlogManagerMDNurse
14 September 2019

The role of privacy and GDPR in fall detection: inform patients

Using a fall detection system in care institutions raises a number of issues relating to information and consent, in particular for people whose cognitive capacities are limited. What is the…
improving the quality of their working lives BlogManagerMDNursePermanent
25 July 2019

5 recommendations for carers to improve the quality of their working lives

Carers consider that that they do not have enough time to do their job properly, with 50% of all nurses considering this to be the case. In the hospital sector,…
Fall detection camera BlogManagerMDNurse
12 July 2019

Does a fall detection system using images count as a surveillance camera, as defined in the Belgian surveillance camera regulations from 21 March 2007?

It is legitimate for patients and carers to confuse a fall detection system with a surveillance camera. The aim of this article is to explain why a fall detection system…
privacy regulations and GDPR BlogManagerMDNurse
12 July 2019

The role of privacy and GDPR in fall detection: the basic concepts

Ethics play a pivotal role in our profession as carers. The implementation of GDPR and the use of new technologies require extra training and invite us to rethink our profession.…
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