Implement a new technology in your institution BlogUncategorized
19 November 2020

How to implement a technological innovation for health care within a health institution?

E-health, IOT ... the health sector is changing and also benefiting from technological advances. All these innovations have an impact on the organization of an institution, hospital or nursing home.…
Échelles et outils pratiques pour l’évaluation du risque de chute Blog
12 November 2020

How to carry out an objective assessment of the risk of falls?

Several rating scales exist to assess the risk of falling for a patient. These analytical frameworks are invaluable tools for the nursing staff. The very first step in providing care…
5 November 2020

How to prevent falls of the elderly?

In an 80-bed nursing home, an average of 400 falls occur annually, 2/3 of which are not documented or simply not known. How to avoid this? What solutions exist? Fractures,…
29 October 2020

Why analyze the sequence of events before and after the fall?

There are several fall detection systems that help caregivers to provide better support for the elderly. The ISA solution goes beyond simply detecting risky behavior. It allows you to review…
22 October 2020

How ISA technology helps caregivers prevent falls?

How can we prevent patients in hospitals or residents in nursing homes from falling? To prevent falls, two key words are paramount: detect and analyze Preventing is better than curing.…
15 October 2020

Consequences of falls for patients: How to recognize post-fall syndrome?

Beyond the immediate physical injuries, the impact of the fall on an elderly person also has a psychological aspect and can lead to a decrease in physical autonomy even when…
8 October 2020

A descriptive study about falling: avenues for reflection

How can we better understand how the elderly fall? What studies exist? Since its inception, MintT has collected thousands of observation hours to refine its solution and algorithm. In parallel,…
Consequences of falls of elderly persons in nursing and care homes BlogManagerMDNurse
17 September 2020

Consequences of falls of elderly persons for the healthcare team

Falls not only have consequences for the residents and patients but also for the staff of institutions. Here are some details on the various impacts of such an episode. In…
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