MintT & Microsft Azure Blog
2 June 2021

MintT announces collaboration with Microsoft to use its industry-leading 3D sensing technology and Azure in patient fall detection and prevention solution for healthcare facilities

MintT is a Belgian company that develops innovative 3D-sensing solutions for fall detection and prevention of hospital patients and nursing home residents. To address this very serious problem, MintT developed…
Fall Prevention Falls Prevention WeekUsefull Tools
10 May 2021

Recommended interventions for the prevention of falls

What fall prevention measures should you take? It’s a global issue which is more and more often the subject of studies by professionals in the health sector. We offer you…
Fall prevention: What are the issues Good practices
20 April 2021

Fall prevention: What are the issues?

Every year, many seniors are victims of falls with sometimes very serious consequences. These falls can occur at the home, on the street, or in an institution. It is therefore…
Good practices
20 April 2021

Objective “zero restraining” for the prevention of falls

To control the risk of falling, caregivers can use restraining methods. This delicate practice is not always necessary and can be counterproductive in the management of falls Falls are often…
The importance of knowledge sharing about falls Good practices
16 April 2021

The importance of knowledge sharing about falls

During a serious fall, feedback regarding what transpired is essential in terms of helping the care team learn how it happened. Ideally, revisiting the circumstances of the fall should be…
The multidisciplinary assessment of falls Good practices
16 April 2021

The multidisciplinary assessment of falls

The first person concerned by the risk of an elderly person falling is the attending physician. But this is not the only person to be involved in the problem of…
How does gerontechnology develop medicine Falls Prevention WeekTestimonials
16 April 2021

How does gerontechnology develop medicine?

« Gerontechnology is a multidisciplinary approach at the crossroads of gerontology and technology. It offers real help to caregivers, provided you put in place some guidelines ».Provided that they help,…
How to reduce the number of falls and their consequences? Falls Prevention WeekGood practicesTestimonials
16 April 2021

How to reduce the number of falls and their consequences ? Using CHwapi as an example.

CHwapi, Tournai, conducts a particularly innovative fall prevention policy by putting the patient at the center. Meeting with Patrick Dewaele, head nurse.« In 2019, the CHwapi accounted for 844 reports of…
Falls Prevention Week 2021 Falls Prevention Week
12 April 2021

Why MintT participated in the Falls Prevention Week?

From April 19 to 25, the week dedicated to the prevention of falls took place. This week of awareness has existed for 10 years in Flanders via Valpreventie. MintT has…
How to detect falls efficiently Blog
11 March 2021

How to use the ISA Fall Detector?

The technology developed by MintT is very advanced. However, the real challenge was to be able to offer the simplest solution possible. In the end, once the system is installed,…
Digital Wallonia Startup Awards 2020 BlogUncategorized
2 March 2021

MintT recognized with a Digital Wallonia Startups Award

For the third consecutive year, Digital Wallonia awarded its Startups Awards as part of Shake Digital Wallonia on LN24. They awarded the prize to three Walloon startups who have been…
Training in the prevention of falls of the elderly Blog
25 February 2021

Training in the prevention of falls of the elderly

Fall prevention is a major challenge for care structures, as it strongly impacts the length of stay, cost of care and the feeling of the team workload. The origin of…
Bracelets and other fall detectors for the elderly Blog
18 February 2021

Complementarity of bracelets and other fall detectors for the elderly

The first research into the automatic application of fall detection systems dates back to the 1990s. Nowadays, there are more and more technologies on the market, and they do not…
Multidisciplinary approach to the prevention of falls Blog
11 February 2021

Multidisciplinary approach to the prevention of falls

The care structures offer a wide variety of skills, all of which are essential in the care of people in the event of a fall. How to coordinate the work…
ISA learning by MintT Blog
29 January 2021

Why switch to an innovative fall detection system ?

The problem of falls is everyone's concern. At all levels, it becomes essential to invest in prevention and knowledge sharing. It is with this in mind that the MintT teams…
28 January 2021

The ISA system in the prevention of falls at CHWAPI

In 2019, 844 fall-related adverse events were reported to CHWAPI. In 2020, that number dropped to 574 falls for the same period. Conducting an effective fall prevention policy is a…
AgeingFit digital exhibition BlogUncategorized
18 January 2021

Discover our solutions during AgeingFit

For years now, ISA proves to be an innovative and efficient solution in the context of the Silver Economy. Therefor we decided to be at AgeingFit in January 2021. Fall…
14 January 2021

Plan and control the amortization or profitability of the ISA system

The savings in time and efficiency that a fall detection system like ISA offers also translates into cost savings. Support and care, rehabilitation, psychological support and administrative processing time after…
7 January 2021

Are bed rails useful for preventing falls?

Bed rails seem to decrease the number of falls by residents overall. That said, they can also increase the severity of falls when they do occur. When it comes to…
10 December 2020

Knowledge sharing for the management of falls

Despite the existence of guidelines for the management of falls, it is always difficult to implement them in the field. It is always a question of reconciling the published literature…
Implement a new technology in your institution BlogUncategorized
19 November 2020

How to implement a technological innovation for health care within a health institution?

E-health, IOT ... the health sector is changing and also benefiting from technological advances. All these innovations have an impact on the organization of an institution, hospital or nursing home.…
Échelles et outils pratiques pour l’évaluation du risque de chute Blog
12 November 2020

How to carry out an objective assessment of the risk of falls?

Several rating scales exist to assess the risk of falling for a patient. These analytical frameworks are invaluable tools for the nursing staff. The very first step in providing care…
5 November 2020

How to prevent falls of the elderly?

In an 80-bed nursing home, an average of 400 falls occur annually, 2/3 of which are not documented or simply not known. How to avoid this? What solutions exist? Fractures,…
29 October 2020

Why analyze the sequence of events before and after the fall?

There are several fall detection systems that help caregivers to provide better support for the elderly. The ISA solution goes beyond simply detecting risky behavior. It allows you to review…
22 October 2020

How ISA technology helps caregivers prevent falls?

How can we prevent patients in hospitals or residents in nursing homes from falling? To prevent falls, two key words are paramount: detect and analyze Preventing is better than curing.…
15 October 2020

Consequences of falls for patients: How to recognize post-fall syndrome?

Beyond the immediate physical injuries, the impact of the fall on an elderly person also has a psychological aspect and can lead to a decrease in physical autonomy even when…
8 October 2020

A descriptive study about falling: avenues for reflection

How can we better understand how the elderly fall? What studies exist? Since its inception, MintT has collected thousands of observation hours to refine its solution and algorithm. In parallel,…
1 October 2020

How to manage falls and evaluate their impact on the caregivers

The management of the structure plays an essential part in the management of falls. Discover the Siegrist and Karasek models to avoid a burnout among medical personnel at all costs.…
ISA dashboard Blog
24 September 2020

Innovation at the heart of MintT’s DNA

Since its founding in 2014, MintT has been part of a continuous innovation process based on the collection and analysis of scientific data. The start-up has received a significant level…
Consequences of falls of elderly persons in nursing and care homes BlogManagerMDNurse
17 September 2020

Consequences of falls of elderly persons for the healthcare team

Falls not only have consequences for the residents and patients but also for the staff of institutions. Here are some details on the various impacts of such an episode. In…
23 January 2020

Accreditation – why is ISA relevant?

ISA is a useful tool when a hospital applies for accreditation. During our product installations and discussions with hospital quality managers, we have been able to form an opinion about…
valdetectie BlogManagerMDNurse
17 December 2019

How do you practise getting up on your own after a fall?

Elderly people are among those who run a higher risk of falling, whether at home, in hospital or in a nursing home. In order to know how to react when…
KUL BlogManagerMDNurse
17 December 2019

An intelligent solution for effective, high-quality geriatric care

What is the added value of a fall detection system? How does the ISA system (Intelligent Sensing for Ageing) enable nursing homes and hospitals to stand out? KU Leuven’s Faculty…
17 December 2019

The fall detector – a tool to help manage the quality of hospital care

Hospital accreditation is not always a simple process. Installing a fall detector allows hospitals to comply with certain JCI standards (Joint Commission International). Concerned about the quality of care they…
ISA booklet BlogManagerMDNurse
14 September 2019

The role of privacy and GDPR in fall detection: inform patients

Using a fall detection system in care institutions raises a number of issues relating to information and consent, in particular for people whose cognitive capacities are limited. What is the…
improving the quality of their working lives BlogManagerMDNurse
25 July 2019

5 recommendations for carers to improve the quality of their working lives

Carers consider that that they do not have enough time to do their job properly, with 50% of all nurses considering this to be the case. In the hospital sector,…
Doctor reduce falls ManagerMDNurseReferences
25 July 2019

A geriatrician’s opinion on fall detection

The geriatrician Jean-Claude Lemper gives us his opinion on the problem of hospital falls and on how ISA can support the care team in its daily work. He will answer…
Helisende nursing home in Rozoy-sur-Serre. ManagerMDNurseReferencesThe opinion of the nursing staff
12 July 2019

Helisende nursing home in Rozoy-sur-Serre

E., a head nurse, and C., a nurse, work at the Helisende nursing home in Rozoy-sur-Serre. The institution’s values advocate in favour of respecting the individual’s lifestyle habits and against…
Checklist fall prevention hospital BlogNurseManagerMDPermanent
12 July 2019

Is it possible to prevent elderly people from falling in care institutions? It certainly is! Compile a checklist of things to do before patients leave the room.

Suggest that the elderly person goes to the toilet Check that he or she is wearing a pair of good slippers Check that the wheels on the bed are locked.…
Fall detection camera BlogManagerMDNurse
12 July 2019

Does a fall detection system using images count as a surveillance camera, as defined in the Belgian surveillance camera regulations from 21 March 2007?

It is legitimate for patients and carers to confuse a fall detection system with a surveillance camera. The aim of this article is to explain why a fall detection system…
privacy regulations and GDPR BlogManagerMDNurse
12 July 2019

The role of privacy and GDPR in fall detection: the basic concepts

Ethics play a pivotal role in our profession as carers. The implementation of GDPR and the use of new technologies require extra training and invite us to rethink our profession.…
MintT équipe Jobs
12 July 2019

Full stack developer

We are looking for a developer who can drive our media asset management system to support large volumes of 3D images (3D point clouds) using learning methods (deep learning ).…
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