The issue of Falls and Positioning MintT vis-à-vis prevention

Getting everyone involved is the first step in tackling burnout.

For many health professionals, elderly falls represent a very heavy psychological burden.

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The caregivers must face the consequences of the fall head-on and do not come out unscathed. This can then lead to a feeling of helplessness, especially regarding patients who have had multiple falls.

Managing the structure then has an essential place in the management of falls, to avoid at all costs the professional exhaustion of the medical staff, but also to watch over very carefully the well-being and quality of life of our seniors.

Practicing falls prevention also means stopping mothering the elderly. At MintT, we believe that the whole of society must make an effort to convey a positive message, based on concrete arrangements.

Prevention is not solely the responsibility of healthcare establishments

In the domestic environment as well as in institutions, special attention must be paid to the risk of falls. Each person concerned shares part of this responsibility: family members, informal caregivers, general practitioners, home nurses, etc.

Prof. Dr. Bautmans (VUB) can testify:

“Sometimes we see patients walking into the hospital with shoes that are absolutely inappropriate for their fragile health. This is something that can create problems”

Today, we must adopt a different definition of aging, which should include sports, activities, and movement, among other things … Replacing infantilization with a positive view of a person’s aging is therefore essential.

MintT est une Start-up innovante spécialisée dans les soins de santé des personnes âgées
Système d’alerte en cas de chute d’une personne âgée

Reduce the severity of the fall, which weighs heavily on the shoulders of the nursing staff

Falls have not only physical consequences, such as bruises or broken bones, but also psychological consequences, such as social isolation, depression, and fear of falling.

In terms of workload, the caregiver will spend time reassuring the patient, completing the fall declaration, organizing the necessary examinations … In addition, the nurse will require the help of a colleague, who is also already overwhelmed with work.

Reviewing the fall provides healthcare staff with objective data to improve people’s quality of life

The ISA system then becomes a real opportunity to refine the intuition and opinion of the healthcare professional, bringing a different perspective, supporting images.

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