How can ISA artificial intelligence improve quality of life?

Enhance the quality of care, strengthen the quality of life for people at risk of falling, improve the quality of life at work for healthcare teams and reassure families about the safety of their parents and loved ones.

An institution equipped with a modern fall detection solution strengthens its reputation and brand image with families.

Autonomous and non-intrusive, ISA has the intelligence to detect all types of falls while automatically documenting each incident.

Thus, the information provided by ISA enables the right decisions to be made for the well-being of individuals, caregivers, and the entire institution.

Patients feel safe

The ISA solution goes beyond the simple detection of risky behavior. It allows you to review the images of what happened before, during and after the fall in order to personalize the care of the patient.

If the fall is due to a problem with muscle strength or balance, the physiotherapist will intervene specifically with regard to the analysis of the fall.

Did the resident fall while sitting in a wheelchair? The occupational therapist will teach the patient how to manage transfers properly.

A well-identified cause will also make it possible to implement solutions that are not necessarily expensive or complex, but which will significantly improve the quality of people’s lives.

Article de presse Régional IT sur la détection des chutes avec MinT

Privacy is fully respected

The issue of privacy, both for individuals and for the healthcare team, is particularly close to our hearts. We did an exhaustive analysis of the privacy issue with a specialized law firm.

The sensors do not make it possible to identify anyone and only the data necessary for the proper maintenance of the fall register are kept.

The ISA system is not there to monitor everyone’s work, it is part of a quality process. This approach must take into account the analysis of errors, without stigmatizing people.

Fall prevention and sharing knowledge are facilitated

Documenting falls allows them to be analyzed in order to gain more knowledge, for example by organizing think tanks to share different points of view. It will then be easy to check what can be improved for the care of patients, the equipment of the premises or their furnishings, etc.

Understanding the context and the direct consequences of falls provides information on what could have been achieved in the best way, by checking whether the recommendations have been followed.

Découvrez les avantages d’un détecteur de chutes

Discover the advantages of a fall detector

Reduce the mental burden on caregivers

The goal of our fall detection system is to ensure patient safety by limiting professional burnout.

Improve the service of your institution

Autonomous and non-intrusive, this fall detection system can both reduce response times and analyze the context when an incident occurs.

Reassure patients / residents and their families

The vigilance of ISA sensors and the ability to analyze each fall can reassure families about the well-being of their loved ones.

Reduce time spent on the ground

Healthcare staff are notified in real time to reduce how long it takes to react and intervene

Analyze the causes of falls

The recordings 2 minutes before and after the fall provide tangible elements for analysis

Improve the quality of service

More information to promote the well-being of the elderly and caregivers

Need more information ?

Our advisors can tell you everything about the operation, how to use it, or anything else about our fall detection solution.

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Health professionals testify: Quality of care and better aging are at the heart of MintT's values, in all aspects of our fall detection solution.