E., a head nurse, and C., a nurse, work at the Helisende nursing home in Rozoy-sur-Serre. The institution’s values advocate in favour of respecting the individual’s lifestyle habits and against the use of restraints, even in a secure facility. Sleep quality is also of vital importance. Here is what they think about our product, having tested it for several months.

Détection de chutes EHPAD

ISA enables falls to be detected.

“This system detects our residents’ falls and sends us alerts in real time which enables us to intervene very quickly.”

“Receiving alerts via the DECT system makes it easier to use.”

ISA offers functionalities which enable falls to be analysed.

“The recording of data when a fall takes place enables us to analyse the reasons and to take the appropriate measures (physiotherapy, occupational therapy, room layout and bed position etc.). As individuals, we can seldom do much to prevent falls, but we can at least make changes to the equipment and furniture.”

“Having an image on the screen is more graphic and enables us to analyse falls. It provides facts-based evidence that we can present to doctors.”

ISA detects movement in the room and time spent awake.

“The other major benefit is the activity pictograms, particularly the ones produced at night-time. As far as I know, it is the only tool that is able to provide information on our residents’ sleep quality.”

“The system enables us to quantify and qualify sleep quality and adapt night-time therapies. The latter are currently used much too frequently in geriatric care, despite the fact that we do not really know what their benefits are.”

ISA is popular with patients, families and carers.

“From a practical point of view, the touch screen on which the recordings are played back is very simple to use and the poles in the rooms are extremely discreet.”

“The system has been really well received by families and residents, who are very happy to benefit from this additional assistance, once it has been explained to them. The explanatory notes and the information booklet are both clear and complete.”

“In short, I can recommend this system 300%.”

ISA: for both patients and caregivers

Whether you are patient, caregiver, executive or manager, ISA will meet your expectations. To learn more about how ISA can be of service, download our reference document or explore the articles in the blog section of the site.

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