How to use the ISA Fall Detector?

The technology developed by MintT is very advanced. However, the real challenge was to be able to offer the simplest solution possible. In the end, once the system is installed, everything is very intuitive.

At the heart of our fall detection system is an artificial intelligence allowing a precise analysis of the patient’s behavior, thanks to movement tracking algorithms, while protecting the privacy of the people.

Integrated and hyper linked tools

ISA receives information from 3D sensors installed on the premises. Through its sensors, ISA detects and interprets the movement of the person in case of a fall, slumping, or the sliding of the bed.

ISA transmits information in case of a fall or the risk of falling. Perfectly integrated with existing services (such as DECT), the fall detection system decreases the time the patient spends on the floor by alerting the caregiver as soon as the fall occurs.

Fall detection and analysis

ISA is useful at two specific times. It is useful at the moment of the fall as well as during the time the caregivers take to revisit the causes of the fall.

The moment of the incident

When a person falls, the priority is to take action to help the patient.

After the system is installed and calibrated, everything is automatic. Just pick up the service phone to find out in which room the fall has occurred.

At the system level, detection is done in several stages:

  1. Within the sensor, the algorithm makes a first detection
  2. If there is a fall hypothesis, the images are sent to artificial intelligence for analysis.
  3. If any doubt remains regarding the fall, the image is relayed to our moderation team.
  4. Finally, the alert is transmitted to the caregivers, when the system is completely certain that a fall has happened.

All this takes only a few seconds.

At the time of analysis

Once the patient has been tended to after the accident, the important thing is to prevent the patient from falling again.
For this, ISA offers two tools:

  1. The automated fall register (all falls are detected and harvested in an Excel file). This allows the quality manager to monitor closely the evolution of the quality of care.
  2. Each fall is accompanied by a video. This makes it possible to put in place fall analysis meetings for multidisciplinary teams. Teams can improve their practices and make a specific link between the patient’s incident and medical condition.
    This register is accompanied by the sequences of each fall. In addition to being available via the webApp, they are also systematically sent by mail to the service manager.

Training in the prevention of falls

If any questions remain, MintT regularly offers training for fall prevention. During sessions, our speakers also provide awareness of fall detection with ISA.

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