The problem of falls is everyone’s concern. At all levels, it becomes essential to invest in prevention and knowledge sharing. It is with this in mind that the MintT teams continue to develop ISA.

Falls have not only physical consequences, such as bruises or broken bones, but also psychological consequences, such as social isolation, depression and fear of falling.

A fall detection system like ISA can increase the quality of care, improve the quality of life at work, increase the visibility of the institution by strengthening its reputation, etc.

Today the ISA system is proving its worth

Article de presse Régional IT sur la détection des chutes avec MinT

In 2020, more than 1,200 falls were detected in hospitals or nursing homes thanks to ISA and each alert was taken care of in less than a minute.

The ISA system offers a detailed analysis of the fall, notably thanks to artificial intelligence based on more than 100,000 hours of recordings. More than 10,000 assistance interventions for people in difficulty are planned for 2021 in Belgium, France, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

10% of the elderly admitted to the emergency room are because of a fall

In the absence of an underlying acute pathology, these people are frequently sent home or to nursing and care homes. Although they are at an increased risk of falling again, a systematic assessment of risk factors for falls is not carried out and secondary prevention measures are too rarely offered.

Today, 120,000 Belgians live in nursing homes

This represents 6% of those 65 and over, out of the 135,000 beds currently available in nursing homes.

Falls affect 30 to 70% of nursing home residents

In an 80-bed nursing home, 400 falls occur each year (on average) and 70% of them go undocumented.

The annual HR budget devoted to the consequences of falls is estimated at € 150,000 in a nursing home with 80 beds.

The time spent by medical and paramedical staff dealing with the consequences of falls in a nursing home, whether it is care, rehabilitation, psychological support and administrative processing time, has a significant economic impact.

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MintT propose, en téléchargement, une série d’outils pour la prévention des chutes, pour la formation du personnel soignant ainsi que de la documentation sur le détecteur de chute.

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