Innovation at the heart of MintT’s DNA

Since its founding in 2014, MintT has been part of a continuous innovation process based on the collection and analysis of scientific data.

The start-up has received a significant level of funding. This has allowed the company to continue its mission: to help the caregivers and the staff at residential care homes to increase the safety and quality of life for their patients.

Having developed the ISA solution, MintT continues to innovate by conducting an R & D project in collaboration with Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB) and Innoviris.

With the support of Innoviris, the Brussels Institute to Support Research, Development and Innovation, MintT collaborates as part of a R & D project with LISA (Laboratory of Image Synthesis and Analysis), ULB Research Center.

Sensitivity and specificity

The launch of this new research and development project aims to improve the quality of ISA analysis, the fall detector based on the thousands of observation hours captured by the system.

Thanks to artificial intelligence, scientists optimize the sensitivity and specificity of the ISA solution as part of fall prevention.

  • Sensitivity: This means by which the fall prevention system detects all the cases it must detect, so that it does not miss any falls.
  • Specificity: This is the ability to identify events that must actually be taken into account

By working on these two parameters, the reliability of the system is further improved: ISA detects all cases, filtering relevant cases and managing ambiguous and complicated cases.

Ever more efficient sensors

Research carried out will also adapt software to the evolution of sensors. This is a real issue: MintT has a strategy to look at the software, the software that analyze the falls, by entrusting the manufacture of sensors to additional experts in the field of hardware. This winning strategy has the advantage of combining the expertise and skills of each protagonist.

Eric Krzeslo, CEO MintT

“The quality of the sensors continues to improve, and we are preparing for it. Our software must evolve in parallel with the improvement of the sensors. We must continue to innovate to remain relevant and effective.”

At the forefront of innovation

MintT has always been an initiator in pushing for innovation. In January 2019 and January 2020, the company participated at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, with the support of the Awex (Agence wallonne à l’Exportation et aux Investissements étrangers). This show is recognized worldwide as the most important gathering dedicated to technological innovation in consumer electronics.

In parallel, MintT successfully concluded a significant funding round of € 1.375 million with its existing investors, evidence that investors see the future in the solutions in the health care sector offered by MintT.

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