The savings in time and efficiency that a fall detection system like ISA offers also translates into cost savings.

Support and care, rehabilitation, psychological support and administrative processing time after a fall are significantly reduced.

MintT teams support you to help you amortize your investment and make it profitable.

We work with all stakeholders to facilitate the symbiosis between people and technology, so that you stay in full control of your budget. Every institution is different and MintT helps each to optimize its expenses related to falls.

During the first weeks, we work with you to analyze what the optimum number of sensors to install according to the profiles of your residents, as well as the features necessary to achieve your goals.

Start by equipping the most vulnerable residents

It is not necessary to install sensors in all rooms. These can be easily moved as needed.

Residents at high risk of falling will be immediately secured.

Adapt the number of sensors according to demand

Gradually, the efficiency of ISA will allow you to refine the needs, as well as the number of rooms to equip. The flexibility of the system also makes it possible to manage the number of active sensors according to the needs of your institution. Your budget can thus be tailor-made, controlled and scalable as needed.

Stand out with quality service

Your establishment can stand out from the crowd by reassuring families.

The increase in the quality of life and safety for residents but also for nursing staff leads to:

  • a decrease in the vacancy of beds,
  • maintaining the autonomy of residents in nursing homes,
  • a reduction in the stress of the nursing staff, particularly at night.

MintT provides you with a leaflet for the patients and their families that explains in a clear, simple and concise way how the ISA system works.

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