Reduce the risk of falls and their consequences

Quality of care and better aging are at the heart of MintT’s values and of the fall detection solution we are developing.

Mesures et interventions recommandées pour la prévention des chutes

The problem of falls is extremely important, in view of their frequency and their consequences, both for the patients and for the nursing staff.

In a nursing home with 80 beds, for example, 400 falls occur annually on average, 2/3 of which are not documented or simply not known.

In the elderly, falls have catastrophic consequences. And the problem does not only concern nurses, but it is multidisciplinary, with economic repercussions as well.

Intervene more quickly to limit the consequences

Motion tracking algorithms allow sensors to analyze patient behavior. The system detects the risk of falls occurring in its field of vision and gives the alert in real time when an incident occurs. It is this continuous analysis that makes it possible to act more effectively and improve the quality of care.

Most of the time, the first falls do not have serious consequences, especially when the treatment is early, it is then more effective. By identifying the causes of the first falls in a person, we reduce the risk for subsequent falls.

Un deal avec Microsoft et des fonds pour le système de détection des chutes de MintT
Analyser et comprendre les causes en cas de chutes

Understand better the causes of the fall

The sequences captured by the ISA fall detection system are used to determine the causes when an incident occurs. This is a unique help, because in 2 out of 3 cases they are either unknown or incorrectly assumed.

Regularly, ISA also publishes a report containing all the falls detected as well as the sequences before and after them. The quality manager, nurses, doctors, occupational therapist … the whole team can organize care and personalize patient care.

The quality manager and management can also analyze this register of falls and implement corrective actions; i.e. decide to modify the layout of the rooms if several falls are due to furniture, for example.

Use and analyze the data collected in the fall register to anticipate risks

The fact of falling can be related to the physical capacities of the person, but can also be due to external elements which disturb the elderly person. Leaning on poorly fixed furniture, improper handling of walking aids, a dressing technique, etc.

To say that the falls of the elderly are due to old age is therefore far too simplistic, because this health problem includes more complex causes.

Identifying the reasons for which a person has fallen makes it possible to mobilize personnel, to propose different solutions or arrangements, and in an objective manner.

Découvrez les avantages d’un détecteur de chutes
Comment diminuer le nombre de chutes et leurs conséquences ?

Fall prevention and other possible applications

ISA also helps identify the effects of drug overdose, for example by making the patient’s ambulation visible before the fall.

The substitutes for walking, rollators, canes, chairs, furniture in general are also identifiable through ISA sensors. In addition, the automatic register of falls facilitates the monitoring of declarations of falls.

At CHwapi, the ISA fall detection system has become essential for the entire healthcare team. The pilot project made it possible to carry out a full-scale test in two units.

Read the example of CHwapi

Read more info about ISA

Warning system in the event of a fall of an elderly person

How to reduce the time spent on the ground? ISA has the intelligence to detect all types of falls and alert caregivers in real time.

Recordings 2 minutes before and after falls

How to understand the causes of falls? ISA allows you to view images of what happened before, during and after the fall.

Monitoring and management of patients / residents

Improve support in the event of a fall. Thanks to 3D sensors that are easy to place and move, ISA ensures safe surveillance.

Falls prevention policy

Strengthening the quality of life of people at risk of falling improves the well-being of healthcare teams at work and reassures families.
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