Lighten the workload of caregivers by improving the services of your institution

Autonomous and non-intrusive, this fall detection system can both reduce intervention times and analyze the context in the event of a fall.

Références détection de chutes

The added value of fall detection for residents and their families is significant and the price / performance ratio is obvious. Your establishment thus stands out from the others by reassuring families.

The increase in the quality of life and the safety of residents, but also for nursing staff, leads to a decrease in the vacancy of beds, a maintenance of the autonomy of the residents and a reduction of the stress of the nursing staff, particularly the nursing staff at night.

Better quality of service

By automating the update of the fall register, ISA offers a precise statistical analysis grid. Recording the number of falls, their repetition, the response times, but also their consequences, makes it possible to assess the results of actions taken to improve the quality of life for all.

Prioritizing the measures to be taken based on what has been seen can reassure families and often, establish a real partnership between the patient, the family, and the caregivers to formulate recommendations based on tangible elements.

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Better quality of life

Autonomous and non-intrusive, ISA has the intelligence to detect all types of falls while automatically documenting every incident.

Understanding the context and the direct consequences of falls provides information on what could have been changed to have the most favorable results, by checking whether the recommendations have been followed.

Thus, the information provided by ISA enables the right decisions to be made for the well-being of individuals, caregivers, and the entire institution.

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An aid to profitability

MintT teams work with all stakeholders to facilitate the symbiosis between people and technology, with full control of your budget.

Each institution is different, which is why we attach so much importance to supporting and optimizing expenses related to falls.

The 3D sensors are easily movable. It is therefore not essential to install sensors in all rooms.

Gradually, the efficiency of ISA will allow you to fine-tune your oversight, evolving as needed to keep your budget under control.

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Le détecteur de chutes ISA permet d’améliorer la qualité de prestation et la rentabilité de votre institution

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Warning system in the event of a fall of an elderly person

How to reduce the time spent on the ground? ISA has the intelligence to detect all types of falls and alert caregivers in real time.

Recordings 2 minutes before and after falls

How to understand the causes of falls? ISA allows you to view images of what happened before, during and after the fall.

Monitoring and management of patients / residents

Improve support in the event of a fall. Thanks to 3D sensors that are easy to place and move, ISA ensures safe surveillance.

Falls prevention policy

Strengthening the quality of life of people at risk of falling improves the well-being of healthcare teams at work and reassures families.