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The quality of care and the best aging are at the heart of MintT’s values,

with an inclusive society project for people in a situation of dependency, which also supports those working alongside them.

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Digital Wallonia Startup Awards 2020

MintT recognized with a Digital Wallonia Startups Award

For the third consecutive year, Digital Wallonia awarded its Startups Awards as part of Shake Digital Wallonia on LN24. They awarded the prize to three Walloon startups who have been…
ISA learning by MintT

Why switch to an innovative fall detection system ?

The problem of falls is everyone's concern. At all levels, it becomes essential to invest in prevention and knowledge sharing. It is with this in mind that the MintT teams…

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How to reduce the number of falls and their consequences?

How to reduce the number of falls and their consequences ? Using CHwapi as an example.

CHwapi, Tournai, conducts a particularly innovative fall prevention policy by putting the patient at the center. Meeting with Patrick Dewaele, head nurse.« In 2019, the CHwapi accounted for 844 reports of…

The ISA system in the prevention of falls at CHWAPI

In 2019, 844 fall-related adverse events were reported to CHWAPI. In 2020, that number dropped to 574 falls for the same period. Conducting an effective fall prevention policy is a…
Doctor reduce falls

A geriatrician’s opinion on fall detection

The geriatrician Jean-Claude Lemper gives us his opinion on the problem of hospital falls and on how ISA can support the care team in its daily work. He will answer…
Helisende nursing home in Rozoy-sur-Serre.

Helisende nursing home in Rozoy-sur-Serre

E., a head nurse, and C., a nurse, work at the Helisende nursing home in Rozoy-sur-Serre. The institution’s values advocate in favour of respecting the individual’s lifestyle habits and against…

"What convinced us to use ISA was the reassuring aspect it has for the resident, especially when they are alone in their room rather than in the community space, since we no longer could see what was going on.
Operating ISA is so easy that it seemed like an opportunity to us. Thanks to the program, we can see how the person fell, and based on this observation, we can then adapt their living environment. For example, if a person falls tripping on a carpet, it can be seen in the video transmitted by ISA. We can then move or remove the carpet to avoid a next fall."

Stéphanie CrucqDirector of the Residence La Rose in Anderlecht

“This system detects when our residents fall and alerts us in real time. Receiving alerts on the DECT makes it easier to use and allows us to intervene very quickly.
In addition, the recording of data at the time of the fall allows us to analyze the causes and take appropriate measures (physiotherapist, ergo, room and bed arrangement, etc.). Having a visual record is more meaningful and allows us to analyze the falls. This is a fact-based contribution to inform the physicians."

_Head nurse at EHPAD (nursing home) Helisende in France

"The effectiveness of ISA has enabled us to convince families looking for the ideal place to place their parent with us."

_Management of the Célinie Residence, Province of Liège

“Falls are an issue that frequently plagues the elderly, just like malnutrition or memory problems, for example. Ensuring satisfactory autonomy for the elderly is a major issue for our society.
A motion sensor will not replace a nurse, but in the context of improving care, it helps to highlight certain risky behaviors to detect a fall, which helps the nurses in their work.
In addition, once we have been able to analyze the circumstances of the fall, this will allow the medical profession to offer specific treatment to avoid a new incident."

Dr Jean-Claude LemperChief Physician at the Scheutbos Geriatric Center of Silva Medical in Brussels

"The alert generated by ISA adds real value to our team: it improves surveillance. This is even more valuable when there is limited staff, such as during the night.
Another point: it can decrease the time that the patient spends on the ground. Being stranded on the ground can have very detrimental effects on the patient’s physiological functions. Then, being able to see the fall again allows you to understand the context. We can have an idea of the patient's activities and define targeted actions to avoid any future falls."

Patrick DewaeleNursing executive at CHwapi in Tournai

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