28 January 2021

The ISA system in the prevention of falls at CHWAPI

In 2019, 844 fall-related adverse events were reported to CHWAPI. In 2020, that number dropped to 574 falls for the same period. Conducting an effective fall prevention policy is a…
Doctor reduce falls ManagerMDNurseReferences
25 July 2019

A geriatrician’s opinion on fall detection

The geriatrician Jean-Claude Lemper gives us his opinion on the problem of hospital falls and on how ISA can support the care team in its daily work. He will answer…
Helisende nursing home in Rozoy-sur-Serre. ManagerMDNurseReferencesThe opinion of the nursing staff
12 July 2019

Helisende nursing home in Rozoy-sur-Serre

E., a head nurse, and C., a nurse, work at the Helisende nursing home in Rozoy-sur-Serre. The institution’s values advocate in favour of respecting the individual’s lifestyle habits and against…
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