There are several fall detection systems that help caregivers to provide better support for the elderly. The ISA solution goes beyond simply detecting risky behavior. It allows you to review the images of what happened before, during, and after the fall. The result: better patient care.

To say that falls in the elderly are due to old age is far too simplistic. This health issue encompasses more complex causes:

  • Intrinsic causes of falls: falling is linked to the person’s physical capacities, for example, muscle weakness, loss of balance due to aging, medication, etc.
  • Extrinsic causes of falls: external elements disturb the elderly. An object of poorly fixed furniture on which they have leaned, improper handling of walking aids, a dressing technique, etc

Depending on the cause, the solutions put in place and the skills of each member of the team will be mobilized differently.

Customize the diagnosis

To make the precise diagnosis, it is not enough to detect falls by sending an alarm signal when the incident occurs. You have to understand the incident.

In this sense, the ISA system is an indispensable tool. When a fall is detected, ISA will search for useful images in the device’s buffer memory. The system allows you to review up to one minute before and one minute after the fall. The entire healthcare team can then see directly what precipitated the fall to explain it better.

Interventions to prevent falls are therefore multidisciplinary

properly identified cause will allow the implementation of solutions that are not necessarily expensive or complex.

If the fall is due to a problem with muscle strength or balance, the physiotherapist will intervene specifically with regard to the analysis of the fall.

Did the resident fall while transitioning to or from a wheelchair? The occupational therapist will teach him/her how to manage his/her transfers properly.

If it is a question of unsuitable furniture, then that department of the institution can be contacted with the help of management.

Decisions made on the basis of quality information

The images captured make it possible to determine the cause of the falls. This is a unique help, because in 2 out of 3 cases, the real cause of the fall is either unknown or incorrectly remembered. ISA offers qualitative and comprehensive information to healthcare staff so that the medical team can make an informed decision.

Regularly, ISA publishes a report containing all the falls detected as well as the images before and after the fall. The quality-control manager, nurses, doctors, occupational therapist … the whole team can consequently organize a response and personalize patient care.

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