Each institution is different, which is why we attach so much importance to supporting and optimising expenses related to falls. Together we analyse the optimum number of sensors for you to install. Afterwards your preferred plan can be activated and your seniors will be protected.

ISA Essential
ISA Expert
ISA Professional

Fall detection system

3D Sensors

The 24/7 falls detection service

Real-time alerts on the DECT or smartphone

The instinctive touch-screen dashboard

Mobile access to the dashboard on several devices

Close follow-up (realtime view)

Analysis, prevention and documentation of falls

Access to videos of the falls

The automatic falls register

Tool for continuous quality improvement

Extra features

Bed exit detection system


Absence detection system


More options and combinations are available in terms of features and facilities. Please contact us to find out which package suits you best.

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Your privacy is particularly important to us, which is why we did an exhaustive privacy analysis with a specialised law firm. Our 3D sensors are not cameras. They map the objects and individuals in the room with 3D point clouds that don’t allow anyone to be recognised. The data generated is therefore completely anonymous. Furthermore, only in the events of falls do caregivers have the option of consulting the 3D visual sequence for analysis purposes. Users, caregivers, residents, patients, and visitors are fully informed about the nature of the data, its use, and the length of time it is kept.

Once the sensor is installed, it does the work for you! The sensor passively scans the room 24/7, without making any light or sound and is activated only in case of an incident. The staff receive an immediate call in case of a fall and can also always monitor the situation in the equipped rooms via our web application MyISA. The call can be made via a landline, DECT, mobile phone number or any other call system used internally.

A sensor can detect 9m deep and can cover a room of 30m2. If a larger room, living space or even corridor needs to be protected, an additional sensor can be called in, at reduced rates. We work with an open API and can link our system to electronic care records or other applications. With over 500,000h of imagery, our artificial intelligence is trained to recognise falls or bed exits.

Our system is hosted in the cloud to ensure its interoperability, maintenance, and ease of installation. Thus, it can easily connect to other complementary information systems such as connected bracelets, care records, etc. In addition, by working with the available infrastructures the system remains adaptable and flexible. To activate the sensor, only power (220v) and an internet connection (Wi-Fi, 4G, local Ethernet LAN network, Power over Ethernet,...) are needed.