Working together against falls

Quality of care and better ageing are at the heart of Mintts values and the fall detection and prevention system we developed. Our technology offers many tools to improve the quality of life of our seniors and provide them with greater autonomy.

Our technology alerts the medical staff in real time when a fall occurs

Our fall detection system is innovative and efficient. It adapts to the configuration of the room and detects all types of falls. As soon as a fall is detected, an alert is immediately and automatically sent to the nursing staff. Since the alert is given in real-time, it is possible to intervene much more quickly, and in a more appropriate and efficient manner. As a result, the time spent on the ground is reduced.

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Fall prevention for a greater sense of independence

Increasing the quality of care also means strengthening the quality of life of people at risk of falling, improving the working conditions for healthcare teams, and reassuring families about their loved ones’ safety.

Getting out of bed can cause serious risks of falls and even if some patients may not be able to get out of bed on their own, they still risk doing so. In such cases, our motion-tracking algorithms detect the risk of falls occurring in their field of vision and give the alert in real time to the medical staff, who can react quickly and prevent a fall.

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Out of sight but kept in mind

Another preventive measure provided by our solution is the "absence detection" feature. Once the resident leaves the field of vision of the sensor, a stopwatch is activated. If the absence lasts more than the set time, an alarm is sent to the nursing staff as a preventive measure.

Absence detection allows you to generate an alert, over a defined time period and after a specific duration, when a patient/resident has left the sensor's field of vision. This feature allows you to detect falls or needs for assistance in the bathroom, and unwanted exits from the room.

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Removal of doubts thanks to real-time visualisation

When a caregiver observes activity in a room on the dashboard (wandering or restlessness in the bed), he/she can activate the alarm instead of physically moving. This is a preventive measure that allows the caregiver to check in real time if the resident/patient needs assistance, while respecting his/her anonymity and privacy. This allows the caregiver to better manage their nursing time and not disturb the resident/patient if it is not really necessary.

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Our kiosk is accessible via any screen

Our Kiosk offers many options while being very simple to use. The Kiosk allows you to see in real time the activity of all the rooms equipped with our solution. For example, you can see a person moving around or being agitated in bed. The kiosk will also show you in real time in which room a fall, an exit from bed, or an absence has been detected. 

Some features can be configured according to your care habits and allow for the immediate prevention of risky situations. Access to this dashboard is protected by a code, so that only authorised persons can access it. We train and support the care teams in the use of the system for the best possible experience.

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A better understanding of the circumstances around the fall

Usually, 2/3 of falls are not reported or not completely or sufficiently documented. That is why Mintt offers analysis tools that are able to fill this gap, while ensuring that the data remains comprehensive.

Once the patient has been taken care of after a fall, the important thing is to prevent a relapse. The sequences generated by our intelligence after each fall can be analysed by healthcare professionals who were granted access. A precise link between the incident and the patient’s medical condition can be established so to personalise the treatment plans and limit the risks of other falls.

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An effective analysis tool

Having an illustrated and exhaustive fall register allows us to identify the recurrent causes of falls and improve practices by raising awareness among care teams.

This is why our fall detection solution publishes a report containing all the falls detected as well as the before and after recordings. The entire team can thus organise care and personalise patient management.

Our solution offers a precise statistical analysis grid by automatically updating the fall register. By recording the number of falls, their frequency, the time taken to intervene, and their consequences, it is possible to evaluate the effectiveness of the measures taken to improve patients' quality of life.

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Why work with us?

The workload and emotional impact of falls contribute to burnouts for nursing staff. Implementing a system like ours makes it possible for them to act faster and more efficiently. Caregivers regain a sense of control, benefiting from the unique opportunity to learn about the causes and consequences of falls. They regain confidence and feel supported.

Our technology helps lead physiotherapy or ergotherapy exercises. Through the data generated, physiotherapists can assess the physical limitations of the patient and support them in maintaining their abilities. Likewise, ergotherapists can assess the causes of the fall thanks to the data generated and personalise their intervention in order to promote autonomy.

Seniors can, at times, follow different simultaneous treatments. One important thing is to know if these are not likely to become counterproductive and ultimately have a negative impact on patients’ alertness, walking, or balance. Thanks to Mintt, physicians can understand the circumstances of the falls and adapt their medication plans if necessary.

For quality control managers, our solution is a real opportunity to adjust the fall prevention policy. Reviewing the sequences of falls provides them with objective data. As all the perceived or envisaged risk factors are highlighted by our artificial intelligence, it becomes possible to prioritise the measures to be taken.

We are aware that innovation shakes up habits. This is why our teams are keen to promote the complementarity between people and technology, by promoting discussion, feedback, and development. We deploy our solution in collaboration with the IT and infrastructure departments of the institutions that choose Mintt. We facilitate their jobs with a perfectly documented solution and a training course. Mintt’s 100% IoT architecture guarantees quick and easy deployment, without a local server, under the control of the internal IT team, and in compliance with institutional security standards.

The prevention and management of the problem of falls is a determining factor in obtaining an accreditation certifying the quality of care provided by the institution.
Obtaining accreditation from organisations such as JCI, Accreditation Canada, NIAS and HAS is a long process, involving all the teams and requiring a significant investment for the institution. The Mintt solution has been recognised as a key factor in the success of the process thanks to its 24/7 efficiency, its provision of objective information on falls and its speed of implementation, even during the accreditation process. Contact us to talk about it!

Moreover, saving time and efficiency also translates into economic terms. Thanks to our solution, the time spent after a fall on patient support and care, rehabilitation, psychological support, and administrative processing are significantly reduced. Moreover, the increase in the quality of life and the safety of the residents leads to a decrease in the vacancy of beds. It also reassures families and helps create a real partnership between the patient, the family, and the caregivers.

Enhance the well-being of your patient, their families and your caregivers

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