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  • + 400

    falls occur annually on average in a nursing home of 80 beds

  • 2/3

    of these falls are not documented or simply not known

  • 50%

    of these falls result in some sort of trauma

Mintt is the service your team deserves.

Fall detection, analysis and prevention for the elderly. Learn more about our innovative solution to the problem of falls in nursing homes and hospitals.

Together against falls

Our fall detection sensors use an automatic fall detection system to alert caregivers quickly of a fall. Mintt's fall detection device minimises false alarms while providing reliable and accurate fall detection. With our fall detection technology, individuals and their loved ones can take proactive measures to prevent falls in nursing homes and other care facilities.

Indeed, mintt's fall detection technology provides peace of mind for family members and caregivers worried about fall-related injuries. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have identified fall syndrome as a severe health risk and a leading cause of hip fractures. Risk factors leading to a fall can include age, chronic illness, and mobility issues, and that's why Mintt solution plays a crucial role in fall management and prompt post-fall care.

What do healthcare professionals think?

Browse through our clients testimonials.

  • It is a very precise cutting-edge technology that allows us to act quickly and make specific interventions since we can analyse the causes of the fall.
    Patrick Dewaele
    Nurse manager
    CHwapi - Tournai
  • Its analysis aspect allows us to make very precise diagnoses. For us physiotherapists, it is a very valuable tool because it helps refine our treatments.
    Fanny Fontaine
    Les buissonnets - Saint-Vaast
  • Thanks to these sensors, we can react quickly and limit the physical and psychological effects of the fall.
    Luc Maris
    Head nurse
    Hof ten Doenberghe - Hoeilaart
  • Families feel reassured. We notice that our residents feel more confident in their daily lives and regain their independence.
    Stéphanie Crucq
    Rest home La Rose, Anderlecht
  • At night, residents can easily fall. The advantage of this system is that we are alerted and can intervene immediately when residents get out of bed.
    Samuel Muhayimana
    Geriatric unit outreach manager
    Chirec - Brussels
  • We can guarantee the resident and his family customised safety while respecting privacy. It is an easy and simple to operate system. Our care team and the board are convinced.
    Ann Dobbelaere
    De Ril - Middelkerke
  • The system allows us to study the elements of the fall and to work on personalised prevention with the fall committee.
    Anthony Delfosse
    Head Nurse
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  • Improve the quality of care

  • Reassure the patient and their families

  • Respect everyones privacy

  • Support the medical staff in their work

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