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Opting for Innovation: Reasons to choose Mintt Technology

06 Dec 2023

Mintt, at the forefront of technological innovation, is redefining the way we approach the safety and well-being of the elderly. By focusing on fall detection, Mintt offers an innovative approach worth exploring in detail. Let's find out why the adoption of this technology represents more than just an evolution, but rather a revolution in the protection of the elderly.

Proactive fall prevention

Early detection of falls by Mintt is a key element in proactive accident prevention. Thanks to the use of artificial intelligence, this system quickly identifies fall signals, enabling immediate intervention and minimizing the risk of serious injury.

Rapid Response Time

Rapid response is a crucial feature of Mintt's technology. It plays an essential role in managing emergency situations, maximizing the chances of providing immediate assistance to those in need.

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Preserved autonomy and enhanced confidence

Adopting a Mintt advanced fall detection system is not just a question of physical safety, but also of preserving autonomy and boosting confidence. By offering discreet protection, Mintt enables the elderly to continue living independently, while cultivating a sense of security and well-being.


By switching to Mintt's innovative fall detection technology, you're choosing more than just a technology upgrade. You're investing in a significant change that promises increased safety, preserved autonomy and enhanced peace of mind for our elders.

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