Reduce Falls. Enable objective decision-making.

I am

A nurse

I need a reliable and non-intrusive way to detect falls allowing me to act quickly.

A patient

I want to live independently, in a safe environment – free to make my own choices.

A health care provider

To ensure quality health care and reduce the number of incidents, I need to be able analyse them indivdually.



  • Detects falls.
  • Detects unusual irregular night-time activity.

Monitoring and alerts

  • A touch screen monitors patient activity and sends alerts.
  • Two levels: falls and risks of falls.

Patient follow-up

  • Risk evaluation.
  • Register of falls.
  • Falls can be viewed on screen by the team.


  • Monitors rest and activity cycles.
  • Monitors sleep quality and duration monitoring.
  • Daily report (bed rest and sleep duration patterns).





Using a 3D sensor, ISA provides detailed analysis of a patient's behaviour. This non-intrusive method uses algorithms to monitor and show movements, while protecting an individual’s privacy.

Customised alerts are then sent to the medical team.

The Behavioral analysis solution



Our stand alone, non-intrusive 3D technology is easy to set up and based on an embedded activity analysis algorithm.



The system’s built-in intelligence sends alerts to health staff, but ensures the patient’s privacy.



ISA allows a mixed analysis of medical and behavioural data (tracks activity and sleep patterns).


Making it objective

A constant monitoring of patient activity helps to make objective certain state of health changes, e.g. bed rest duration.



The data collected by ISA provides the interdisciplinary team with additional diagnostics.



ISA helps direct short-term (risk situations) and mid-term (loss of activity) interventions.



  • Reduce the number of falls.
  • Respond quickly in case of fall.
  • Move with those at risk.


  • Identify patients at risk.
  • Analyse fall register as a team.


  • Supports individual competencies.
  • Allows patients self-decision.


07-11 mai

ISG 2018-St.Petersburg, Florida.

This conference brings together designers, developers, manufacturers, service providers, researchers, and policy makers around technologies that enhance the health, functional capacity and quality of life of older adults. These include architects, computer scientists, engineers, gerontologists, health care providers, housing developers, leisure and recreation specialistis, social services professionals as well as administrators in industries such as assisted living, hospitals and skilled nursing facilities..

29-31 mai

HIT-Paris Healthcare IT

Créé il y a dix ans, le Salon HIT (Health Information Technologies), intégré depuis à la Paris Healthcare Week, a accompagné l’essor des technologies de l’information et de la communication en santé. Des outils qui ne cessent d’évoluer au service des professionnels du secteur et des patients.


ISA , our first innovative solution combines the most advanced software and hardware technologies (computer vision, deep learning, cloud, 3d sensor, IoT) designed for behavior analysis and medical monitoring of the elderly. The services provided include detection of behavioral changes, unusual activity reports, risk management and clear reporting for the medical profession. ISA is being rolled out and is evolving every day. MintT is currently located in Lasne, a very green and relaxing environment at walking distance from quality shops and restaurants.

We are constantly looking for new talents. Feel free to send a resume:

Fullstack developper

We are currently looking for a developer able to take the lead on a custom media asset management system dedicated to handle large amount of 3D images (3d point clouds) in a deep learning processing environment.

Devops Engineer

We are looking for a Devop profile to manage software development cycles with continuous integration, feature oriented testing automatization and finally product deployment, monitoring and second line support.

Computer Vision/ Signal Processing Specialist

We are currently looking for a Computer vision specialist.

Data Scientist / Deep Learning Expert

We are currently looking for a Deep Learning Expert.



At MintT , we’re revolutionising the care industry by enabling a longer active and independent life for everyone. Our first solution ISA detects, analyses and prevents falls of elderly in hospitals, nursing homes and service flats. Through the use of non-intrusive 3D sensors and AI, ISA is autonomous and at the forefront of technology while integrating privacy protection at its heart. ISA improves patients’ safety, medical teams’ efficiency and families’ peace of mind. Our team values technology which serves society, creativity and self-determination.


This technology can be quickly installed in health-care facilities and nursing homes.


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