Read in these articles testimonials and concrete examples offered by health professionals, to better understand the realities of each in the prevention and management of falls.

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The multidisciplinary assessment of falls

The multidisciplinary assessment of falls

The first person concerned by the risk of an elderly person falling is the attending physician. But this is not the only person to be involved in the problem of…
How does gerontechnology develop medicine

How does gerontechnology develop medicine?

« Gerontechnology is a multidisciplinary approach at the crossroads of gerontology and technology. It offers real help to caregivers, provided you put in place some guidelines ».Provided that they help,…
How to reduce the number of falls and their consequences?

How to reduce the number of falls and their consequences ? Using CHwapi as an example.

CHwapi, Tournai, conducts a particularly innovative fall prevention policy by putting the patient at the center. Meeting with Patrick Dewaele, head nurse.« In 2019, the CHwapi accounted for 844 reports of…

The ISA system in the prevention of falls at CHWAPI

In 2019, 844 fall-related adverse events were reported to CHWAPI. In 2020, that number dropped to 574 falls for the same period. Conducting an effective fall prevention policy is a…

Knowledge sharing for the management of falls

Despite the existence of guidelines for the management of falls, it is always difficult to implement them in the field. It is always a question of reconciling the published literature…
Doctor reduce falls

A geriatrician’s opinion on fall detection

The geriatrician Jean-Claude Lemper gives us his opinion on the problem of hospital falls and on how ISA can support the care team in its daily work. He will answer…
Helisende nursing home in Rozoy-sur-Serre.

Helisende nursing home in Rozoy-sur-Serre

E., a head nurse, and C., a nurse, work at the Helisende nursing home in Rozoy-sur-Serre. The institution’s values advocate in favour of respecting the individual’s lifestyle habits and against…

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