For the third consecutive year, Digital Wallonia awarded its Startups Awards as part of Shake Digital Wallonia on LN24. They awarded the prize to three Walloon startups who have been particularly successful in 2020.

MintT is among the three laureates of the Acceleration Startup Award thanks to its development of the ISA solution (Intelligent Sensing for Ageing). It is a system that analyzes and prevents the elderly from falling in hospitals and retirement homes.

MintT wins the Acceleration Startup Award with ISA

ISA is a stand-alone solution which is not worn by the resident and is a non-intrusive method that detects all types of falls by adapting to the configuration of the room.

ISA puts artificial intelligence at the service of caregivers by helping them in their missions to care for patients. This system improves the quality of life of everyone. It is a mission whose relevance has increased following the COVID-19 crisis.

How does it work?

ISA offers patient behavior analysis algorithms through movement tracking. The artificial intelligence then allows caregivers to anticipate the falls, through connected 3D sensors installed in the rooms and other monitored places.

What won over the selected jury by Digital Wallonia?

The jury, including the AWEX, IDELUX, the BEP, AdN and W.IN.G., were convinced by our pointed technologies of artificial intelligence and by our knowledge of the complexities behind the causes of falling, which represent unique knowledge and a strong connection with the research sector.

The jury also noted that being able to raise € 1.375 million in 2020 allowed MintT to accelerate its work.

The growth potential is unlimited because it is a system that answers the need for premium elderly care around the world. Walloon know-how has a bright future.

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Digital Wallonia Startup Awards 2020
Digital Wallonia Startup Awards 2020

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