Services provided by MintT to its customers and example of system implementation

At MintT, we ensure patient safety and the peace of mind of caregivers.

The fact that our AI is supervised by professionals allows us to guarantee the best service.

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While the ISA system will not keep all patients from falling, it will help healthcare workers do their jobs more efficiently and with greater peace of mind.

Fall monitoring and alerts not only reassure patients, but they also relieve caregivers and reduce their mental strain.

That’s why the entire team at MintT is ready to shape the future of healthcare. Now more than ever, we support not only innovation but the people who will benefit from it.

Full monitoring and real-time alerts

With more than 100,000 hours of image processing under its belt already, the artificial intelligence of the ISA system is accomplishing many things today.

Not only fall detection but also …

ISA detects:

  • eating patterns
  • sliding off the edge of the bed
  • waking up at odd hours (for patients at increased risk of falling or in strict bed rest, an alert can be set)
  • movement in the room
  • waking up periods

Real-time visualization allows nurses to check what’s going on in the room and remove doubts from agitated patients.

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Formation ISA par MintT

Training and Demonstration

When setting up ISA, MintT offers a short training course for caregivers. This training was created from the latest scientific recommendations and accreditation guidelines. Included in the program: tools to help prevent falls as well as how to use the ISA system.

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Technology at the service of people

We are aware that innovation shakes up habits. This is why our teams are keen to promote the complementarity between people and technology, by promoting discussion, feedback and development while keeping in mind the objectives of improving the quality of life.

Every day, MintT supports health institutions in raising awareness of the problem of falls.

We support the care teams in using the system so that they benefit from all the advantages of ISA. We support the departments in their amortization plan, the IT departments by carrying out a system-to-network compatibility audit, etc.

More than a product, ISA offers a support service around the management of the problem of falls in a comprehensive manner.

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Discover the advantages of a fall detector

Reduce the mental burden on caregivers

The goal of our fall detection system is to ensure patient safety by limiting professional burnout.

Improve the service of your institution

Autonomous and non-intrusive, this fall detection system can both reduce response times and analyze the context when an incident occurs.

Reassure patients / residents and their families

The vigilance of ISA sensors and the ability to analyze each fall can reassure families about the well-being of their loved ones.

Reduce time spent on the ground

Healthcare staff are notified in real time to reduce how long it takes to react and intervene

Analyze the causes of falls

The recordings 2 minutes before and after the fall provide tangible elements for analysis

Improve the quality of service

More information to promote the well-being of the elderly and caregivers

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Health professionals testify: Quality of care and better aging are at the heart of MintT's values, in all aspects of our fall detection solution.

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Our advisors can tell you everything about the operation, how to use it, or anything else about our fall detection solution.