The fall detection platform

ISA système de détection de chutes

ISA, the assistant in case of falls

Based on a 3D sensor, ISA allows a fine analysis of patient behavior through motion tracking algorithms, while protecting the privacy of individuals.
Autonomous and non-intrusive, ISA has the embedded intelligence needed to detect all types of falls and adapt to the configuration of the room. ISA was designed to lighten the work of carers while improving the quality of care services.
ISA is a technology that can be easily deployed in hospitals and nursing homes.

Fall detection

ISA detects all falls occurring in the sensor’s field of vision, whether they are high or low-impact, near falls or the body just slipping down from the side of the bed.
ISA detects irregular night-time activity. It is possible to set an alert for patients with a high risk of falling or who are confined strictly to bed.
ISA detects movements in the room and periods of wakefulness, producing actimetric data which is then analysed.

Monitoring and alerts

ISA has two alert levels: one for “falls” and the other for “risk of falling.”
A touch screen and a mobile application allow patients and alerts to be managed.
ISA reduces the time spent on the ground by rapidly alerting carers to the fall.
ISA prevents falls by alerting staff to patients at risk of getting out of bed at unusual times.
Real-time viewing allows nurses to check what is happening in the rooms of patients at risk and to provide reassurance to nurses if patients are confused.
ISA can be integrated with in the tools used by the service (DECT, patient file).
Suivi du patient agé hopital

Patient follow-up

ISA enables fall risk to be identified more easily and is of invaluable asistance when analysing incidents.
The automated fall register enables falls to be viewed after they have taken place.
The system enables nurses to use data captured from the fall register to analyse falls. As a result, carers understand the exact circumstances of the event, which improves the quality of care and conse¬quently their job satisfaction. The system is regarded as a support for the team’s clini¬cal opinion by facilitating their combined analysis of the problems surrounding the fall.

Research and development

As it is its core business, MintT is constant¬ly carrying out research and developing its product. The development of new functions, the improvement of its ergonomics and the use of artificial intelligence enable the device to be regularly updated.
One development focus is the measurement of the patient’s activity levels. This actimetric data will enable carers to evaluate the impact on sleep of any change in the treatment regimen.
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