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Improving competencies prevents falls

It is essential for carers to maintain and improve their professional competencies. It is necessary to set up an on-the-job training programme to be able to handle the specific care requirements of geriatric patients when it comes to preventing falls.
Formation ISA par MintT
When ISA is installed, MintT offers short training sessions and a number of tools to enable the care team to develop the appropriate competencies. MintT offers two half-days of support within the customer’s teams and will convey the knowledge required to operate the system.

Training the care team is a key aspect of fall prevention.

Quality assurance managers are increasingly obliged to comply with the requirements of accreditation bodies. The implementation of an ISA training programme enables care teams to establish a link between the fall register and the specific measures to be implemented.
This training is organised in three phases:
  • The first is an overview of the issue of falls in hospitals. (What are its implications for the morbidity and mortality of hospitalised patients? What are the implications for the risk of rehospitalisation? Which elements help to evaluate a patient’s fragility?)
  • The second phase concerns the use of the device. (How do you operate the tool? How do you analyse the data with a view to implementing simple patient-specific measures?)
  • The third phase covers the information that is provided to patients. (How do you keep patients informed and how do you obtain their consent? What are their rights when it comes to managing their personal data?)
This training is based on the most recent scientific recommendations and accreditation benchmarks. The training focuses on the analysis of real cases originating from ISA’s four years of development.
Formation à ISA par MinT

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MintT is offering a series of tools that you can download to prevent falls and train carers, as well as some documents on the fall detector.