Fall detection and prevention training

Nurses need to maintain their skills and continue to learn. This is particularly the case in the management of geriatric patients and the prevention of falls.

Formation ISA par MintT

When setting up ISA, MintT offers a short training course for caregivers. For two half-days, an experienced nurse from MintT accompanies and trains the nursing staff.

On the program: tools to help prevent falls as well as to use the ISA system. The nursing staff will not only be shown how to use the fall detection system on a daily basis, but also made aware of how to use the images produced as part of the prevention of falls within their institution.

The training of nursing staff, a central point in the prevention of falls

Quality managers must meet the growing demands of accreditation bodies. A training program with ISA achieves some of these requirements. How? By making a link between the register of falls and the specific actions to be implemented.

The technology developed by MintT is of a very high level. However, the real challenge was to be able to come up with the easiest solution to use. Finally, once the system is installed everything is very intuitive.

This training program was created using the latest scientific recommendations and accreditation guidelines. The training focuses on the analysis of real cases from the 4 years of ISA development.

Des professionnels de la santé partagent leur avis sur notre solution de détection des chutes
Détection des chutes et système d’alerte en temps réel

Program / Training content

The training offered by MintT for the detection and prevention of falls includes 3 components.

1. Overview of the problem of falling in a hospital

What are its implications for the morbidity and mortality of hospitalized patients? What are the consequences of the risk of rehospitalization? What are the elements for assessing fragility?

2. Use of the fall detection device

How to handle the tool? How to analyze the data in order to implement simple actions specific for patients?

3. Patient information

How to inform patients and how to obtain their consent? What are their rights regarding the management of personal data?

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Our advisors can tell you everything about the operation, how to use it, or anything else about our fall detection solution.

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Find out how 3D sensors track your patients' movements and how artificial intelligence detects every fall to alert staff in real time.

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