Multidisciplinary approach

Multidisciplinary approach to the prevention of falls

07 Jan 2022

The care structures offer a wide variety of skills, all of which are essential in the care of people in the event of a fall. How to coordinate the work of healthcare teams, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, doctors and the entire structure ?

One of your relatives is hospitalized following a fall. Between the arrival of medical teams and the recovery of a somewhat more normal life, it can sometimes take many months.

Often, those accompanying them are helpless in the face of the little information available. What are we going to do? How long can it take? Each step has its share of questions. While the responses can sometimes be complex, they are often perceived as insufficient by families. This can create anxiety and add more turmoil where there is already enough of it. We must inform our patients! Be informed yourself!

Care instigators more than partners: patients and their families on the front line

The elderly themselves and their caregivers have an essential role and a responsibility engaged at all times in the prevention of falls.

A visit to the hospital can be very unsettling. Relatives that are there can be an extremely valuable resource for learning about the lifestyles of the elderly and enabling the continuity of life, even in the hospital.

Work in cooperation with those most interested

First, by understanding each person’s role and the challenges of the actions implemented, families are a very effective motivator. They can rephrase and continue to explain what is going on to the elderly relative. Thus, they allow easier adherence of the elderly person to the care prescribed.

Then, families who are well informed about the risks of falls and what to do to avoid them provide increased safety for the elderly person.

In short, the consequences of a fall are far too great for the hospital to take sole responsibility. Everyone is responsible for each other, families and caregivers!

Specificity and role of everyone in the process of care in the event of a fall

In the care process for the elderly, relatives are an essential part of the chain. They can provide valuable information and their help is greatly needed for the smooth running of the care, both psychologically and in terms of safety.

Now, let’s set the scene and introduce the characters to rely on in the event of a fall :

Nursing assistants

Their approach is resolutely person-centered. Who am I treating? Who am I accompanying at a stage of his life?

The nursing assistants are closest to the people with the nursing team. At the bedside, these people collect and analyze all the information necessary for optimal care.


Cornerstone of the care system, the nurse acts as the link between the person and their medical care.

Thus, the nurse has two skills: the first is to guide the person in meeting their needs, the second is to work closely with all of the other professions in the hospital.


Physiotherapists assess physical limitations and support people in maintaining their capacities.

Occupational therapists

Occupational therapists assess help people discover the means to adapt their environment in order to maintain their autonomy.


These specialists have a central place in geriatrics. The aging body no longer has the same needs. Food is becoming a means of choice to preserve the health of the elderly.

The doctors

The natural onset of multiple pathologies and the aging process require benevolent support, so that old age is nevertheless synonymous with quality of life.

The medical team ensures the right balance of care. Neither too much nor too little medication. Neither too many nor too few interventions. They are the equilibrists of physiopathology.

Social service

Aging does not only have implications for our physiology, but also for our social existence. Social service helps support people to help them make the right choices.


Aging is a turning point in people’s lives. You have to mourn your old social life, your health, your skills while building new ones. Psychologists are there to support people in these fundamental changes

Cleaning services

Everyone has their part to play, and the cleaning crew most certainly! Agents are close to people and care about providing a clean and secure environment for residents.

Hospital administration

More generally, the role of the administration of the healthcare structure is essential in defining strategies and coordinating all stakeholders.

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