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"AI to the rescue of the elderly: 3D cameras in rest homes and hospitals to prevent falls " La DH

24 Sep 2022

During the test period of our device at the ISPPC, our system allowed the nursing staff to intervene quickly when falls occurred, as told in La DH.

"A system that is 100% efficient"

"In the case of the ISPPC, the Intercommunale de santé publique du pays de Charleroi, 1620 falls were recorded in 2021 for all its sites and services. A small third of the cases had more or less serious consequences.

"After five months of testing the Mintt device, the results are convincing. In the Vesalius geriatric unit, 26 falls were detected by the device. This enabled the nursing staff to intervene within two minutes. Hospitals do not like to specify the usual intervention times, but it is generally known that 83% of caregivers discover patients on the floor after more than 20 minutes, and that night rounds allow a visit every two hours..."

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