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How fall preventing AI technology is helping to also prevent stroke – SR Times

24 May 2023

By using advanced digital health and AI technologies Mintt specialises in fall detection, prevention, and analysis. However, how does its technology help stroke survivors?

Mintt gives SR Times insight into its founding and how its technology can help with stroke prevention.

How does your technology help stroke survivors?

« Our technology has significant implications for stroke management. Falls are a common cause of stroke, and early intervention is essential to minimise the risk of further complications. Indeed, a head injury can damage or weaken the blood vessels in the brain. This can cause them to rupture later, leading to a haemorrhagic stroke. Mintt’s technology can help patients by monitoring their movements and mobility and detecting any changes that could indicate a potential fall. Early detection allows for prompt medical intervention, minimising the risk of further damage and complications. »

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