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"Mintt, new leader in fall detection in Belgium, becomes scale-up" La Libre Eco

28 Oct 2022

La Libre Eco dedicates an article to Mintt and its rapid development. Mintt is the Belgian market leader in the field of fall prevention and detection, and has no intention of stopping there.

“We are the best solution on the market in terms of accuracy"

"For eight years now, the Belgian company Mintt has been trying to alleviate the scourge of falls among the elderly in nursing homes and hospitals. Co-founded by Thibaud Remacle, Franck Casado and Jérôme Laurent-Michel, and headed since 2018 by Eric Krzeslo, the young start-up has now become a scale-up. Mintt has indeed succeeded where many others have failed.

“We are the best solution on the market in terms of accuracy" says the CEO. In addition to detecting an incident, our solution provides contextual information on the circumstances of the fall to enable a more effective intervention. But why? How did it happen? Did the person stay on the ground for a long time? Because often elderly people do not remember or do not want to give details" - Eric Krzeslo. Thus, the Mintt solution supports caregivers who cannot be everywhere at once. They receive a real-time alert on their pager or tablet with details of what happened before, during and after the fall. "All these measures help to improve prevention and prevent the incident from happening again, for example by changing medication or changing rooms," says Eric Krzeslo."

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