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Mintt: Nominated for the Silver Eco Competition for its Innovation in Connected Health

01 Aug 2023

Mintt, the innovative company in the field of connected health, was recently nominated for the prestigious Silver Eco competition. This recognition demonstrates Mintt’s ongoing commitment to rethinking healthcare for current and future generations through innovative technology solutions. As an expert company in the healthcare technology sector, Mintt contributes to improving the quality of life of seniors and transforming the medical sector.

The Silver Eco Competition

Now in its 11th edition, the Silver Eco Competition is a prestigious initiative that rewards companies and organizations innovating in the field of Silver Economy. This event shines a spotlight on the most dynamic actors who develop innovative solutions to enhance the well-being of seniors. The competition nominees are selected by a jury of experts renowned in the field of Silver Economy.

Mintt - A Revolution in Fall Detection and Prevention

Since its inception, Mintt has been dedicated to creating a solution that enables more proactive, personalized, and accessible medical care for patients and caregivers. The company has tackled specific challenges related to the aging population by offering technological innovations tailored to the needs of seniors and healthcare professionals.

Mintt's Solution & the Silver Eco Competition: Real-Time Fall Detection System

Mintt Care offers a real-time fall detection system that adapts to the room's configuration to detect all types of falls. Autonomous and non-intrusive, this fall detection system was designed to reduce the workload for caregivers while enhancing the quality of care. The collected data is made available to healthcare professionals, allowing them to quickly detect any significant changes and intervene when needed. Precise analysis of the number of falls, response times, and their consequences enables measures to be taken regarding the effectiveness of care and working on fall prevention.

Mintt, Toward a Serene Future for Senior Health

Mintt's nomination for the Silver Eco Competition testifies to its commitment to providing innovative solutions for the health and well-being of seniors. By integrating cutting-edge technologies into the medical sector, Mintt paves the way for a future where healthcare will be more effective for everyone.

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