Mintt x Diepenbroeck (Lievegem)

21 Dec 2022

Falling is a major cause of injury and hospitalisation among the elderly. At the Home Diepenbroek residential care centre in Lievegem, they therefore focus on fall prevention and detection. They do this in a special way, with ultramodern sensors. These track the residents' movements and warn the staff if a fall is detected.

We are pleased to offer Mintt's cutting-edge technology to improve our fall prevention and give our residents the peace of mind they deserve.

It hardly catches the eye, but the 3D sensor plays a striking role in the Home Diepenbroeck residential care centre in Lievegem. They recently started using an innovative fall detection system there. When a resident falls, the sensor immediately sends an alarm to the care staff. Falling is still a major cause of injuries and hospitalisation among elderly people. The sensors ensure that residents can be helped immediately after a fall and are not left lying on the floor. This therefore provides extra peace of mind for residents and their families. Caregivers, who received special training, are also satisfied with the system. The system not only detects falls, it also makes recordings, which in turn can be extremely useful in preventing new falls.

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