Mintt x Les Buissonnets (Jolimont)

30 Oct 2022

Mintt is proud to announce the extension of its partnership with the Pôle Senior Jolimont. After a successful test period and a very positive assessment, Vincent Denamur, director of Les Buissonnets, declares to Antenne Centre Television that they will implement our solution in the 7 other rest homes of the Pôle Senior.

"The nursing home Les Buissonnets chose Mintts technology to tackle the problem"

Indeed, faced with a high number of falls in its establishment, the nursing home Les Buissonnets chose Mintt’s technology to tackle the problem. Our device, developed with the input of gerontology experts, is based on an infrared sensor and an artificial intelligence capable of detecting all types of falls. It limits the time spent on the ground after a fall to less than 2 minutes. In addition, in the event of a fall, the nursing staff is immediately alerted. Then, the AI recreates 3D images of the fall. Based on this data, health professionals can analyse the circumstances of the fall and better organise the care of the patient.

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