Mintt x "On s"explique" - Canal Z

22 Feb 2023

Our CEO, Eric Krzeslo, was interviewed by Frederic Brebant on "On s'explique. He recounts the history of Mintt and explains the benefits of our solution and how it can be used by caregivers in hospitals and nursing homes.

Our mission is first and foremost to create solutions that facilitate the work of caregivers and benefit patients. After studying the market, we concluded that the current solutions are not very efficient and complicated to use. We then designed a product that is comfortable for everyone and easy to configure. The autonomous fall sensor will analyse behaviour and the environment and will be able to warn caregivers in case of a fall.

Our CEO talks about our goals for 2025: to help more people through strong expansion in Europe and the development of complementary solutions. We want to further our fight against falls and develop our product for individuals.

Enhance the well-being of your patient, their families and your caregivers

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