Mintt x VivaTechnology 2023

02 Jun 2023

Experience the world of cutting-edge technology at Viva Technology, where we're revolutionizing the healthcare industry with our innovative AI solution. Join us and be part of the future.

Exploring the Latest Advancements:

Discover the latest AI advancements and witness firsthand the trends shaping the future at Viva Technology. From AI-powered solutions to cyber security and metaverse, this event is a hotbed of innovation. Visit our booth and explore our transformative solution reshaping the healthcare landscape.

Revolutionizing Healthcare with our Innovative Solution:

Mintt, a leading company in the healthcare industry's technological revolution, presents a groundbreaking fall detection solution. Our AI-powered system, utilizing 3D sensors and continuous motion tracking algorithms, analyzes behavior and intelligently adapts to room configurations. Join us at Viva Technology to witness how our solution revolutionizes fall detection and prevention in healthcare settings.

Video featuring CEO Eric Krzeslo:

Watch our CEO, Eric Krzeslo, in this insightful video to learn more about Mintt and our revolutionary fall detection solution. Gain valuable information about our company, vision, and the transformative impact we're making in the healthcare industry. Discover how Mintt pioneers the use of cutting-edge technology to enhance patient safety and well-being.

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