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Mintt a pillar of gerontology innovation

22 Nov 2023

Advances in sensor technology are having a significant impact on various aspects of our daily lives. One of the areas where these advances are proving particularly beneficial is in the area of safety and autonomy, particularly for vulnerable vulnerable or elderly people.

Testimonial from one of our experts

"Our fall detector is state-of-the-art! It uses artificial intelligence with 3D sensors and movement motion-tracking algorithms to constantly check what's going on. It's super autonomous and not at all intrusive. It can detect all types of falls and even adapts to the room configuration. These little geniuses can tell the the difference between normal movement and a fall, and if anything is something is wrong, they send alerts directly.

As our expert put it, sensors offer constant monitoring, while fall detection sensors enable individuals to maintain greater autonomy. In the event of a fall, an alert is automatically sent to predefined contacts, such as family members or healthcare professionals, enabling rapid intervention. This reactivity can significantly reduce the negative consequences of falls, boosting the confidence and well-being of those concerned.


Mintt are an essential pillar of autonomy and safety, offering proactive protection to vulnerable individuals. As technology continues to advance, we are confident that these devices will play an increasingly important role in preserving the quality of life of the elderly and those requiring special monitoring.

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