Managing falls and assessing their impact on carers

08 Sep 2021

Facility management plays a key role in managing falls. Find out how to avoid burnout among medical staff at all costs.

A fall should not remain between the carer and the person on the ground.

In this kind of situation, it is essential not to feel alone, by sharing one's experience and feelings so as not to bear the emotional burden alone.

So let's not talk about fault or lack of care, but about events that bring experience, leaving an essential place to continuous training.

The workload caused by falls contributes to burnout

Siegrist and Karasek's models allow us to understand which parameters should be taken into account in the management of falls and the management of care teams

The Siegrist model

Caregivers will put effort into their work and in return expect rewards (self-esteem, feelings of self-efficacy, etc.).

The objective is therefore to predict, through the questionnaire, the psychological distress and health problems that may arise when there is an imbalance between the effort required by the work and the recognition received.

The Karasek model

This model predicts that the lack of reciprocity between costs and gains can lead to emotional stress. The questionnaire measures stress at work by calculating 3 dimensions:

- Psychological demand
- Decision latitude
- Social support at work

Analysing the experience of teams according to these two models allows you to support your team effectively.


The primary benefit of a fall detection system like ISA is to provide a sense of control over one's work.

In addition to being able to intervene more effectively, care staff will be able to use and analyse the fall register data to anticipate risks, so as to prevent them from happening again.

Implementing a system like ISA therefore has a reassuring or supportive effect on both your patients and your staff.

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