About us

Who is MintT ?

MintT SA is a Belgian company that was founded in January 2014.
Since its formation, our company has been organised around three areas of expertise which are necessary for its development: engineering, clinical knowledge and strategy.
Eric Krezslo
Chief Executive Officer (ex-Chief Marketing Officer and co-founder of SoftKinetic)
Franck Casado
Chief Technology Officer (signal processing, computer vision, big data, computer infrastructure)
Xavier Baele
Lead Expert (formerly SoftKinetic’s Software Chief Technology Officer)
Jérôme Laurent-Michel
Nurse, Clinical Advisor and Product Manager (representative for French-speaking Belgium with the International Society for Gerontechnology – ISG)

Our mission

As a specialist in the behavioural analysis of elderly people, we, at MintT, have developed a technological approach to helping people age well and improving the quality of care. We offer carers the possibility of studying changes in habits and of advising if the patient’s health is at risk. This objec¬tive information makes it easier to take decisions.
Care quality and aging better are our core values. We help elderly people to pursue an active and autonomous life. Our socially inclusive project helps people who are in a situation of dependence.
From a technological point of view, we offer an end-to-end service which, in the interests of interoperability, robustness and reliability, allows for other IoT technologies to be integrated in it.
Finally, we provide assistance to medical and technological research. Benefiting from the advancement of knowledge is both a right for elderly people and a duty for us. Our research aims to use artificial intelligence to understand the aging process.
With our orientation towards user needs, we intend to improve the quality of care workers’ working lives. Providing quality care also means identifying patients at risk of falling, in order to define targeted preventive responses at an early stage.
Other key points include the transition between the hospital and the home, which is guaranteed by information flow and the empowerment of patients, while ensuring that respect for the freedom and privacy of elderly people remains our key focus.
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